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916 Mt. Vernon Church Road
Chapin, SC 29036

The Center

MissionThe mission of Career and Technical Education in School District Five is to empower all students with the knowledge and career skills necessary to be successful in a dynamic global society. 

VisionThe vision of Career and Technical Education in School District Five is that every student will discover the intersection between their passion, purpose, and professional opportunities. 

Construction of the Center for Advanced Technical Studies was approved by the voters of School District Five in 2008. The facility was designed to provide instruction in an environment that develops knowledge and skills by engaging students in real world problem solving. The Center provides students the opportunity to remain enrolled in their high school and take their major course of study at the Center by attending in the morning or afternoon. The design of the programs enables students to be innovative and entrepreneurial. Students have the opportunity to create ownership of their learning through projects developed in collaboration with other students. 

Every program at the Center holds each student accountable to academic and technical standards, often exceeding national expectations. To ensure that the Center is preparing students for a successful post-secondary transition, each program has an Advisory Committee composed of students, parents, business and industry leaders, and post-secondary education leaders. Standard instructional practice at the Center emphasizes active student engagement through hands-on, project based learning. Knowledge and skills are acquired through application of current technological, pedagogical, and content beliefs about learning. At the Center, learning experiences are individualized and instruction is differentiated so that each student can experience success at high levels that meet Center expectations. Capstone and course projects are individualized and driven by student interests to ensure high levels of engagement and success. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are continuously monitored and adjusted. 

Our motto, "Creating the Future by Challenging the Impossible" emphasizes the importance placed on creativity and innovation. Students work in collaborative teams to solve real world, often student initiated, problems. Students develop written and oral communication skills by presenting and defending projects to panels of judges. Students are continually assessed on work ethic and interpersonal skills to assist in the development of life and career characteristics. The requirement of each second year student to complete a capstone project assists students in the development of global perspectives and teaches perseverance. Language Arts, Mathematics, and STEM concepts are integrally woven into the curriculum of each program with emphasis on the application of world class knowledge in specific career-related situations. The Center is clearly focused on student achievement