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Clean Energy Technology

The Clean Energy Technology program enables students to apply fundamental science and operating principles of clean energy systems to authentic problems. Such problems involve motors and generators, photovoltaic systems, water and energy conservation, wind turbines, biofuel generation, bioreactors, water power, energy harvesting, fuel cells and nuclear power. Students use an engineering design process to develop solutions to these authentic problems.

Students master industry-standard simulation and modeling software sourced from the U.S. Department of Energy and related national laboratories as well as National Instruments (NI). Students use Web-based applications, especially those with embedded graphical information systems (GIS) content, to relate geography, climate and terrain with the availability and economics of wind and solar resources. Students discover how the perceptions of consumers, manufacturers, technologists and regulators shape and aff ect the rate and scale of clean energy technology adoption. Students analyze prices in energy markets and how prices communicate the opportunity costs of clean energy systems.

Students completing the program may become an NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) and may be prepared for earning other relevant industry certifications.

For more information about the Clean Energy Technology program, please contact  Mr. Patrick Smallwood.

SREB Advanced Career Clean Energy Technology